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What's Up With The Brick Project?

Aug 24, 2023

After a slight delay, project should be complete by October 5.

Okay, we bet many of you have been wondering what's with the big tarps and stuff all around the kiosk at the Sun Bowl. This is the installation of the sponsored bricks used to help fund the Pavilion. They will form a lovely patio around the kiosk. The installation is being handled by Boy Scouts, many from the neighborhood. Led by Shane Simpson, the group has been precise and persistent presenting detailed plans and investing hours of their own time into the project. Why is it taking so long? Well, for one thing, there's lots of work with digging, leveling and cutting the bricks to fit attractively. Also, the edge of the basketball court is sinking and sent water flow from this summer's rains flowing right at the brick foundation. So that had to be handled. But now everything is back on track and the team informs us the project will be complete by the first week in October.

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