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The VFMA Board Is Changing Over

Feb 16, 2024

Old Members Are Stepping Down. New Members Are Stepping Up.

As is tradition with the VFMA, the VFMA Board is changing over. At athe end of January, following the Annual Meeting, four current board members are stepping down as their terms come to an end.

JR Abbott served as Treasurer for years. His extraordinary work both in that area, and in countless others, will not soon be forgotten. Randy Gurak steps down as well. He will be remembered for his instrumental role in locating the builder for the new Pavilion and coordinating between the board and them in bringing that fabulous structure to the Sun Bowl. John Callaway also has served out his term. John's thankless work in reviewing and maintaining our insurances, in analyzing and executing our tax strategies, and in spearheading the bylaws reviews were critical to the success of the VFMA. And finally, Dave Blazek is stepping down as President and leaving the board after serving six years in a wide range of capacities. Huge thanks go out to all of them as they took their tturns in making our neighborhood such a wonderful place to be.

At the same time, we welcome five new members to the board ... all approved by a membership quorum at the Annual Meeting. Please welcome Tracy Seggern, Claudia Tramell, Rami Dirani, Kat McCarthy and Syntel Noviello to the VFMA Board. We're excited to have their energies and ideas. You can see pictures of the board elsewhere on this site.

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