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The Pavilion Is Lit!

Oct 25, 2023

The Pavilion is complete with new electrical, new fans and new lights!

Well, it's finally done. The new Valley Forge Mountain Pavilion at the Sun Bowl is finally done and ready for use. The final part of the project was completed early in October when new lights, new fans and new electrical outlets were added. Local Electrician Ed Capper of Capper Enterprises did the work after many unforseeable delays.

The Pavilion is now tricked out with three outdoor-rated barn lights plus two outdoor-rated ceiling fans. In addition, the Pavilion now features 16 new outlets on the back posts, plus two switch-controlled outles up high on the two right-hand posts. In addiiton, two strings of Edison lights were purchased by the VFMA Board and board members have mounted them on permamnent hooks. All lights and fans are connect to separate switches on the far back post.

This completes the long effort to bring this maginificent structure to the park. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. It's there for residents to use. See complete usage rules on the Pavilion page, and on the sign posted at the structure. Enjoy!

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