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March 21, 2024 – 6:30 PM

Marcie Langerhans Residence – 1063 Yellow Springs Road


Attending:       Sham Billah. Melissa Cross, Tracy Seggern, Claudia Tramell, Zack Nyce , Kat McCarthy, Blair Pink, Rami Dirani, Syntel Noviello, Marcie Langerhans


1.         Treasurer’s Report – Blair (see attached)

a.         Expenses:        website renewal, Schuylkill property taxes and Porta-potty.

b.         Blair needs access to Wix for income breakout

2.         Upcoming Events

a.         Easter Egg Hunt 3/24(3:30)

                        1.)        3:00 set up, 4:00 start

                        2.)        Age breakout:  3 & under, 4 & up

                        3.)        The costume is in the shed.  Tracy will be the bunny.

4.)        A table will be set up for Membership and dinner ticket purchases

b.         Dinner Dance 4/6

                        1.)        A deposit will be made on Monday,

                        2.)        Volunteers/help may be needed for last minute décor.

c.         Spring Sunbowl Clean Up 4/27 & 4/28

1.)        Claudia began a list which she will forward.

2.)        The steps and deck leading to the pool are unsafe. The structure needs to be removed.

3.)        Tracy will discuss with pool board.

4.)        Zach will manage deconstruction. We will need a dumpster.

5.)        There are currently 6 trash cans at the Sunbowl. Tracy will find out which  is active.  The others will be stored behind the shed to be used at events.

6.)        We will post a to do list for members who can’t make the clean up to complete on their own time.

3.         Pavilion

a.         Rental Fee for Booking (Pavilion Use Rules already in place)

1.)        The fee for non-members will be $150. There will be no fee for members, however a donation is always appreciated.

2.)        Syntel will be the board contact.

3.)        We will add Wix access for contract signature and payment.

4.)        Zach will handle the drainage pipe installation finalization.

b.         Woodpecker Damage at Pavilion –- Rami & Zach 

Zach will use stainable fill to fix woodpecker damage.


4.         Sunbowl

a.         Brick Project – Shane Simpson – Did we receive all Receipts? Have we Reimbursed?  Kat will contact Tracy Simpson

b.         Basketball Court

1.)        Repaving using playground fund ($2,500)

2.)        Basketball Court – Repainting and Replacing Nets – Kevin & Lisa Palmer. Sham will coordinate with them.

3.)        We do not currently have the funds to do all of the work at this time.

5.  VFMA Website

a.         Management – Domain Registration and other renewals…What’s actually needed for maintenance

b.         Training – A date needs to be set up for group training.

6. Miscellaneous

            a.         Syntel will coordinate with Dave Blazek for stationary design.

            b.         Sham will talk to Eileen Blazek about VFMA sign maintenance.

            c.         Acknowledgement list at events.  Sham

7. Next Meeting:         April 18 at Syntel’s (91 Oakwood)

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