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February 28, 2024 – 6:30 PM

Melissa Cross Residence – 110 Forge Mountain Drive

1. Intro for New Board – Sham/Melissa
2. Attending: Sham Billah. Melissa Cross, Tracy Seggern, Claudia Tramell, Zack Nyce ,
Kat McCarthy, Blair Pink, Rami Dirani, Syntel Noviello, Kamila Jodzio,
Marcie Langerhans

3. Elect Officers
President: Sham
VP: Melissa
Treasurer: Blair
Secretary: Marcie
4. Other Roles
Sunbowl Maintenance: Blair/Kat
Website & Social Media (Facebook Google): Syntel
Playground Liaison: Blair/Kat
Pool Lease/Insurance/Legal: Tracy
Membership: Claudia/Syntel, alt Sham
Woodpecker Damage at Pavilion – Zack and Rami
Storm water renewal – Sham
5. Treasurer’s Report & Digital Options for Bookkeeping -Blair (see attached)
3% credit card fee should be factored into expenses.
6. Friends of the Mountain? – Shout out rather than an award.
7. Events Calendar – (see attached)
a.) New Member – (Claudia)

1.) A family event at the Sunbowl
2.) August 25
b.)Easter Egg Hunt – (Claudia/Blair)
1.) March 24 at 3:30 PM
2.) Raindate TBD
8. Dinner Dance Update – Kamila
a.) April 6, 6:30-10:30
b.) Passed apps from 7:00 – 7:30 (no stationed apps)
c.) Fee: Members $130/Non-members $150
d.) Ticket sales close 3/24
e.) Reach out to Dave Blazek to set up ticket sales

9. Events to be Considered
a.) Open mike 3/8 at the Firehouse
b.) May – Hootenany 5/4 @ The Pavilion. This is a non VFMA event.
c.) June – ? PACS food drive. Coordinate with Ann’s Heart.
d.) July 4th – Picnic Tracy/Claudia
e.) August

1.) New neighbor
2.) Meteor showers ? (8/12)
3.) Campout?

f.) Ladies Wine and Cheese: January 12, 2025 at Marcie’s
g.) Santa visit: Kat will reach out to Brendan and Shawn Kirk. Date TBD
h.) Last day of Pool 9/8
i.) Corn Hole for a Cause 9/28
j.) October – 10/12 Octoberfest
k.) Haunted Halloween Trail 10/26?
l.) November – Food Drive 11/16 | 11/23 ?
m.) January – Annual Meeting
n.) February – Charity Drive?
10. Next Meeting
a.) We will meet the 3 rd Thursday of each month
b.) March 31 at 6:30 at Marcie’s

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