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  • Our engineering form completed its site review and water runoff studies; and has completed a water runoff mitigation plan

  • Engineering plan has been submitted to the Township first week of September. Township asked for additional tweaks. Those also have been done 

  • We expect to get go for construction in 4-6 weeks.

Construction and Engineering Plans have been submitted to the Township. We're waiting for their GO to begin construction!

A note from the VFMA Board - September 2022


We are getting closer to the finish line of this project.  Little did we know how much of a bite we took when we started fundraising for this project.  Our initial fundraising goals of $40,000 seemed within reach and we anticipated moving forward briskly to complete a new structure at the SunBowl. 


That $40,000 goal has now turned into an $80,000 goal, with township requirements far exceeding anything we could have imagined.  Thankfully, we secured the pricing of the pavilion structure before the surge in lumber prices.  Thankfully, we have a dedicated board working towards the completion of this project.  Thankfully, we have the wonderful support of friends and neighbors and strangers, all donating towards this common goal of beautifying our park.  


By following all of the rules and proper channels, we incurred engineering costs in excess of $16,000.  That has led to our site prep doubling from $10,000 to $20,000 to aid with water mitigation.  Additional permits and variance fees keep adding to our costs.  A breakdown of everything is listed below.


We are still in need of your help.  We have to raise another $20,000  to see this through.  We are in shock over how much this has turned into, but we are not turning back, we just keep moving on (and on, and on, and on).  


We have raised most of our goals through the sale of the bricks.  There was an amazingly successful auction, many food purchase opportunities with percentages coming back to us.  Some amazing concerts at the Sun Bowl, from established and budding musicians.  Neighbors giving back through teaching yoga, taking Easter Bunny photos, playing music at the firehouse, hosting open mic nights.  Generous donations from many of you, and support of all the events to help us raise enough money to complete this project.   


With just a little more help, we can finish this.  Once the township is satisfied and gives us the go ahead, everything else is lined up.  So, be on the lookout for some more great food nights, another auction, and the eventual erection of the well awaited pavilion at the Sun Bowl.


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Scan the QR Code above and buy a commemorative brick with your name on it! The bricks will form a decorative patio to the pavilion where your brick will be seen for generations.

If you'd like to make a direct cash contribution, scan the QR code below.

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We are doing this in addition to all of the normal efforts of the VFMA, and could really use some help.  If you have ever thought about volunteering, now is the time!  Being involved in the VFMA affords giving your time in your own backyard, meeting so many neighbors/friends, and helping with an event, a project, or by being on the board.  There are many options!  So please consider and let us know if you would like to participate by sending an email to or reach out to any board member individually!  Every year 3 people rotate onto the board so we are always looking for help.

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