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The Commemorative Brick Patio Is Done.

Oct 25, 2023

Thanks to the people who brought you the brick patio at the Sun Bowl.

The VFMA would like to salute the people who made the patio you now see in front of the Sun Bowl Kiosk come to life. The bricks you see were paid for by neighbor donations to allow for the construction of our new Sun Bowl Pavilion. A big high five to Sharon Cichocki who organized the whole program and found and worked with the brick supplier. But then a local Boy Scout group, led by Shane Simpson, made the dream become real. They designed, planned, and set this entire beautiful patio over the course of their summer ... an amazing gift of time and effort to the neighborhood. Join us in offering major thanks to Shane (and his parents Steve and Tracy) for leaving no brick unturned in giving back to our neighborhood.

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