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May 16, 2024 – 6:30 PM

@ The Pavilion


Attendees: Sham, Melissa, Claudia, Syntel, Zach, Remi and Kat

1. Treasurer’s Report – Blair (to be submitted later)

2. Past Events

 Dinner Dance follow up – Sham to contact Kamila for survey; Tracy

provided input; Also did we pay for everything or if there are other

expenses; Blair to confirm

 Spring Clean up went well

 Hootenany raised over $2,000 despite weather

3. Upcoming Events

 Summer Food Drive (PACS- June) – Claudia provided more

information, was decided to collect stuff at the sunbowl the day of; June &amp;

November are months with most needs; PACS has list of items they in need


 VFMA Summer Concert – Sham noted it would be about $1,000 for

the band; It was decided that we don’t have enough funds to cover that; once

the capital fund has more money saved say $10K we can revisit

4. Pavilion

 Woodpecker Damage at Pavilion – Zach did fix holes and stain,

need to have stain

 Engineer’s Inspection Report – Sham needs to submit; Syntel will

look into letterhead design for VFMA

5. Sunbowl

 Extra trash cans - Claudia to contact AJ Blosenski (SP?) to pick up the

3 extra trash cans; they are not suitable for event use; We need to look into

permanent closed top trash can for the park; new ones are expensive; need

to shop around: If AJ Blosenski doesn’t pick up will put cans in dumpster for

stair demo; The cans were emptied and turned upside down to prevent further

trash accumulation

 Stair Demo – Pool to keep deck as it’s structurally sound; need to

coordinate with them on demo of the stairs; should ask or volunteers; maybe

pool folks will also help; will need to be done on same day because stair

opening to deck will need to be closed off

6. VFMA Sign Restoration – Sham noted Eileen Blazek will look at it; She

already picked up folder from Melissa

7. Membership Drive/Welcome – Claudia left bags for new homes; has

enough cards for now, previous cards were expensive; suggested using Vistaprint or

other printer next time

8. VFMA Website

 Training &amp; Other Updates – Syntel is all set; Need to establish 1 email address –

all agreed

9. Anything else?

 Need to start looking into Pool lease terms; discuss next meeting –when in 2025

does lease expire?

 Name Boards for playground wall should be restored; Kat volunteered; No rush

but we do need to do something

10. Next Meeting – June 20 th ; at the Pavillion

Sunbowl Maintenance &amp; Playground Liaison – Blair &amp; Kat

Website &amp; Social Media (Facebook, Google) – Syntel/Rami

Pool Lease/Insurance/Legal - Tracy

Membership – Claudia/Syntel &amp; Sham

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