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May 7, 2024 MEETING


March 18, 2024 – 6:30 PM

Noviello Residence – 91 Oakwood Drive


A. Treasurer’s Report – Blair

See attached.

B. Dinner Dance Report - Kamila

a. Gross $10.752.25/Net $10,490.00

b. Committee bought for future use:

i. Photo booth

ii. Frames

iii. Candles

c. Decorations $290.02

d. $130/member, $150/non-member

e. A survey will be sent out to members.

f. Rivercrest staff was very accommodating.

g. Consider scheduling in February.

h. The buffet and unassigned seats were well receivd.

i. More signage is needed.

j. This is Kamila last year. She will help new chairperson.

C. Upcoming Events

a. Spring Sunbowl Clean Up (4/27 &amp; 4/28)

i. Zach prepared a spreadsheet. He will send email.

ii. Zach will post a list of needs for those who cannot attend on stated dates.

This work should be done by the Hootenany (5/4)

iii. Need to confirm with Alex about trees.

iv. The pipe covering and woodpecker damage will be addressed.

v. Kat contacted Shane about completing brick area.

vi. Tracy will contact Kevin Bernadini about rebuilding deck steps.

Will this be gratis or paid.

vii. We will take stair demo and baseball field off of the list.

b. Hootenany 5/4 (non VFMA event) – benefits Better Day ahead.


c. Summer Food Drive – June (PACS). Claudia will contact about greatest needs.

d. VFMA Summer Concert?

i. House of Hamill contacted Dave Blazek.

ii. September?

iii. Sham will investigate.

D. Pavilion

a. Woodpecker Damage at Pavilion –- Rami &amp; Zach

b. Engineer’s Inspection Report – Sham

c. Feet First parking issues. We will not rent to them in the future.

d. We will request parking on one side only for future events.

E. Sunbowl

a. Revisit Sunbowl Use Rules? Parking issues; Do we limit types of


b. Stair Demo

c. Brick Project – Shane Simpson – Did we receive all Receipts? - Kat

d. Basketball Court – Repainting and Replacing Nets – Kevin &amp; Lisa Palmer –


e. Baseball Field –

i. Mike Reynolds &amp; Others to continue Maintenance.

ii. Need box for storing base plates. Baseball Field equipment storage?

Tracy will coordinate.


F. VFMA Sign Restoration – Eileen Blazek will restore.

G. Membership Drive/Welcome – Claudia

H. VFMA Website Syntel

a. Training scheduled for Tuesday @2 3PM.

b. Pavilion registration is up and running but needs refining.

c. We need to establish one email.

d. Currently the calendar only shows non-member events. Syntel will discuss with

Dave (Wix trainer)

e. Event booking: We will request that renter acknowledges that the Sunbowl is still

open to the public.

I. Anything else?

Pool lease renewal 2025.

i. We will not renew for 30 years.

ii. We will raise rental amount.

J. Next Meeting: May 16 (6:30) @ the Sunbowl or Claudia’s if weather is bad.

Sunbowl Maintenance &amp; Playground Liaison – Blair &amp; Kat

Website &amp; Social Media (Facebook, Google) – Syntel/Rami

Pool Lease/Insurance/Legal - Tracy

Membership – Claudia/Syntel &amp; Sham

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